"Recovery from Addiction"

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The Book That Explains How

Doctor's Do It

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Can You Get Sober by Reading a book?

Probably not, but this one might help.  It's the memoir of a cancer doctor addicted to drugs and alcohol and how he found his way back. A story of hope, and a pathway to healing and forgiveness.

Even if you've failed before or relapsed, you may still find the help you need.  Here you will learn about the disease of addiction, and how to treat it by the use of spiritual principles, like honesty and kindness.



....who was addicted to drugs and alcohol and how he found his way back.  His inspiring and gripping story takes you deep into the dark world of addicted physicians.  He shares the techniques and principles they used to recover.  Here you will find hope and healing.


A step-by-step guide for understanding and treating substance abuse.  Even if you’ve relapsed or failed other programs, here you will find the help you need.

Find Answers to These Questions

Who will benefit from

reading this book? 

•   Am I an alcoholic? Am I an addict?

•   What is this affliction and how did I get it?

•    Can it be cured?  Treated?

•    How can I get over this insane craving?

•    How can spiritual principles help me?

•    Why are prayer and meditation important?

•    What is a Higher Power, and why do I need one?

The reader who wants to know if his drinking is out of control.

The reader who knows he is in trouble, and wants to change.

The old-timer who wants to learn more about his disease.

And the practitioner who treats these people.

Topics Covered Include

•   The disease concept of addiction

•    Overcoming denial

•    Finding openness, and honesty

•    Dealing with past mistakes

      Removing my character defects

•     Finding forgiveness and hope

•     Control the thoughts in my head

•     Finding serenity in a crazy world

•     Finding happiness within myself

"If there is any book you plan to read about addiction this year, it should be

this one as it will be a classic for anyone wanting to understand

the mind of addicted physicians (and others) and what it takes to recover.

This inspiring publication is a fascinating and monumental exploration of a

pathway for recovery from serious addiction."

Ralph Snyderman, MD

Chancellor Emeritus, Duke University


The book is available at Amazon.com

In Paperback and Kindle editions.